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  • One of 189 original Club Sports with the CS unique VIN
  • The missing RS version of the G-model generation
  • First year of production
  • Other features: possibility of assisting with transport, storage and Trusted Checkout payment

When lightness, which is essential for a world-class sports car, returned to 911: the 911 Carrera Club Sport from 1987 to 1989. A thoroughbred sports car, which while lacking comfort equipment, offers a more intense experience. Lightweight sports version also called the 911 RS of the 80’s, one of only 189 produced units of the incredible, sought after rarity.

From the mid-80’s, Porsche 911 began to be too heavy. Compared with its predecessors, it was literally overflowing with things that make life of the driver easier, but increase the weight. Power windows and seats, luxury upholstery, air conditioning, insulation layers and lights washing system: all this items former Porsche clients "yuppies" wanted, but the brand enthusiasts only shook their heads...

Fortunately, Porsche realized that these hard-core fans are very important for the brand. And so it was decided to manufacture a sportier version: under code M637 was created the Carrera Club Sport, a lightweight version of the standard Carrera 3.2. Lightening consists mainly of removing all unnecessary luxury features – those which are mentioned above and many others. The rear seats disappeared, the central locking, lighting of engine and trunk, rear wiper, radio, clipboard at the door, sunroof, air-conditioning, electric windows, radio, sun visor and other elements. Without making any fundamental changes Porsche (there are still carpets and comfortable factory seats) managed to reduce the weight of 70 kg!

Changes were also mechanical. Although the rear wheels are still spinning with power from the same six-cylinder 3.2 as the standard car, there are few modification. Let us mention, for example, lighter intake valves and a modified engine management, which increased the maximum rpm from 6520/min to 6840/min. Power goes to the wheels via G50 gearbox with a shorter running and longer fourth and fifth gear. There is a limited slip differential between the rear wheels and we can find Bilstein shock absorbers in all corners. There were also front and rear Sport Equipment spoilers.

A special feature is that Porsche did not state any extra performance. However, probably due to modified control unit, it has been found that engines in Club Sport models have output from 240 to 245 horsepower, which is about 9 to 14 more than the standard Carrera 3.2. Interesting fact that was not told the new owners. Reduced weight also signed momentum, accelerating to a 100 km/h takes 6.1 s and the car achieves a maximum speed of 245 km/h.

Most Club Sports were painted with Grand Prix White color, with the possibility of buying big red stickers Carrera CS on hips. That is also the case of our car. Alloy wheels Fuchs fits to the overall outfit.

All together, 340 cars with the Club Sport code M637 were made of which 53 right-hand-drive cars for the UK market. But only the first 189 examples + 1 Targa has an original VIN with a sequence only for the Club Sport model and this is one of these cars with this unique VIN code. This model was by professional community welcomed with open arms: for example, the editors of Motor magazine wrote that it is the fastest 911 they drove. And in the UK, it was cheaper than the conventional Carrera. In the US, the model was taken conversely, was a bit more expensive, and the local market did not accept it, only 28 cars were sold over there.

This example from the first year of production: 1987, was modified for track day use by the famous RUF at the beginning of the 90’s. Although it was later brought back to the original condition, some features still remained from RUF present like the exhaust with two pipes, one added to the right side. But it looks even better than the standard car with the exhaust pipe only on the left side of the car. It has also sharper camshaft so the car really wants to be driven at higher revs. You can see that in a video below where the car is driven.

The car comes with Czech registration without an actual MOT. This 911 Carrera 3.2 Club Sport is an outstanding example of one of the rarest special-edition Porsches. It is the missing RS version of the G-model generation. This is not only a coveted collector car, but it is also one of the finest and fastest driving 911s ever built.

At the end, a market example from these days: This RHD 1988 Porsche 911 Carrera Club Sport (auction link) was sold at Collecting Cars for 164.000 GBP including premium on the 15th of May.





Production date17.09.1987
Body typeCoupe
Engine3164 ccm, flat 6
LayoutRear Wheel Drive
SteeringLeft Hand Drive
Color - exterierGrand Prix White
Color - interierBlack / Grey
Miles/Kilometers shown83732 kms
Chassis / VINWP0ZZZ91ZJS105065
Location - countryCzech Rep.
Location - cityPrague


Engine: air cooled six cylinder boxer, 3164 cm3, Bosch fuel injection, 2 x OHC, two valves per cylinder Max. output: 170 kW (231 hp) at 5900/min Gearbox: five speed manual Suspension: independent front and rear wheels, limited slip differential, Bilstein shock absorbers Period of production: 1987 to 1989 Number of produced units: 189 units of coupe, 1 unit of targa (with the unique VIN code).

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July 03 2020

We have also added a sign to every bid that recognizes, if it is an Absentee Bid. So if the current maximum can be even higher than actually displayed or if the bid could be placed by the system for the bidder (up to his maximum).

July 03 2020

The files from the seller have been uploaded to the gallery!

July 03 2020

Thank you very much Woodgate. We are waiting for your files and we will upload them as soon as we get them!

July 03 2020

Woodgate (SELLER)
I have at least some good news for you. I could borrow a paint thickness meter and I will drive to the garage in two hours and I will shoot some pictures of the measuring, send all the meaasured data and I will at least try to make some pictures of the underbody on my mobile phone and without a lifter, but at least something to have an idea. I will send it to the Auctomobile support then to upload it here. Hopefully it will help.

July 03 2020

Woodgate (SELLER)
The car is since 2014 in the Czech Republic and no major repairs or work was needed since then. So there will be an overall check needed of course, especially when the car is not properly driven in the last 3 years, but the car has no major issues to be needed to be done right now.

July 03 2020

Last invoice from 2010 shows that there is a bunch of things that needs to be fixed (front left axis, brake calipers, body height...). Is it something that still need to be done?

July 03 2020

We have uploaded some invoices from the history file into the gallery as requested.

July 03 2020

Woodgate (SELLER)
Hello TJ... Thank you for your understanding. You are correct about the seats. The car was either driven only in the summertime or dry storaged, so there is not any major corrosion presented. In this condition it is really acceptable for a car with 83.000 kilometers and 33 years (my almost ten years younger 993 looks not as good as the CS from the underside). In the last three years I almost did not drive the car anymore, but I have kept it all the time in a dry storage with a stable temperature.

July 03 2020

Hello thank you for your honest and trust answers. I understand that you have truly loved and enjoyed driving this “CS” which has an unique history of modification and going back. Let me ask my last question other than hard questions about digging originality and authenticity. The pictures look like this car has electric front seats and has no heating system. Is this correct? Also the Club Sport should have deleted PVC under seal; so would you please describe the current corrosion condition of the under body and mechanicals? These questions are tiny things for me, but I would like to know the information in advance to make a restoration plan when I fortunately could have a precious opportunity.

July 03 2020

Woodgate (SELLER)
When I think about all the questions I got not only here in the comments, but also resent from the Auctomobile support, I should maybe explain one thing. When I bought the car several years ago, there was not much thinking about the investment potential of the car. I was looking for a car, that is individual, that you can't see often anywhere, but most of all, a car that is an extraordinary great driver. In that time, the CoA from Porsche or measuring of thickness of the paint was not a think I would care, I just checked the file I got, the information from the seller about the engine, modifications and so on. I knew it was modified by RUF and returned back to almost original specs, but I liked these modifications. I still think, it looks better that way with the two exhaust pipes and I like the sharper expression of the engine. But now I do not drive the car properly anymore. I do not have time for it and it became for me too risky to drive such a value properly. So it is time to let it go the same way and in the same condition I have bought it years ago. I hope, it will find a driver, but I can also understand the investment potential of such a rare car. But I will leave the buyer to do all it is necessary to make it an investment grade car, it should be not much of work to be done for it. But it was not the reason, why I owned it. It is a really special car...

July 02 2020

Woodgate (SELLER)
Hello Peter, good question, we should mention this. You are right, there is really SC written in the registration papers. But it is obviously an administration error as no SC model was built after 1983. And you can check the VIN, it is really a CS, just the admistration knew only a 911 SC in their sheets. The SC is also short for Sport Coupe, so in that way, it is not a faulty discription, just with the 911 model range, it is a little bit misleading. And you are also on point with the door panels, these are not original, but one of the remaining modifications from the time of the RUF modifications.

July 02 2020

Hello, I have a question about the documents. On the car registration paper the car is named Porsche 911 SC, 32 SX. Shouldn't it be CS instead of SC? Another question regarding the door panels. Are these the original ones or are they refitted/redone? Or through the RUF modifications made? Thank you, Peter.

July 02 2020

Woodgate (SELLER)
Hello Seb... According to the file we have, the car should have the original engine, but there is nothing mentioned about the gearbox and there is no CoA from Porsche available. So we can not proove it is a full matching numbers car. I will try to dig the file deeper tomorrow, just it is in French and not electronically, but I will try to find more information for you.

July 02 2020

Hello I m French Can you confirm that’s the car is Full matching number ? Thanks

June 28 2020

Woodgate (SELLER)
Hello TJ... Yes, the car comes with a history file which includes pictures of the modification by RUF. The French owner was a fan of RUF CTR and had done more modifications with RUF to set the car more into the look of the CTR, so also the bodypanels, bumpers were changed and the car looked more agressive as the CTR was. But it was later decided to bring the original body panels back as the car is too rare to keep it modified. So the car has 83.000 kms on the clock, but the body panels even less :) Although the previous owner deciced to keep the two exhaust pipes, because it looks better and the sharper camshafts to leave the engine a little uprated to a little over 260 hp and to a racier expression. Other minor modificifations were left in the interior. Just the history file was not uploaded, because it is not electronically and only in the French language. I hope this answers your question.

June 28 2020

Does this 911 Carrera CS have a history of restoration or major repair works except minor customization by RUF?

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