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  • Porsche 911 3.2L Clubsport M637
  • Very rare model, only 312 examples made
  • Rare color, only a few CS were painted in Indian Red, most of them were Grand Prix White
  • Service book with full service history, original engine
  • The missing link in the RS family
  • All documents were checked and the car was photographed personally by Auctomobile
  • Other features: possibility of assisting with registration, transport, insurance, storage and Trusted Checkout payment
  • Please note that this car will be available for viewing by prior appointment in Prague, Czech Republic

When lightness, which is essential for a world-class sports car, returned to 911: the 911 Carrera Club Sport from 1987 to 1989. A thoroughbred sports car, which while lacking comfort equipment, offers a more intense experience. Lightweight sports version also called the 911 RS of the 80’s, one of only 189 produced units of the incredible, sought after rarity.
From the mid-80’s, Porsche 911 began to be too heavy. Compared with its predecessors, it was literally overflowing with things that make life of the driver easier, but increase the weight. Power windows and seats, luxury upholstery, air conditioning, insulation layers and lights washing system: all this items former Porsche clients "yuppies" wanted, but the brand enthusiasts only shook their heads...
Fortunately, Porsche realized that these hard-core fans are very important for the brand. And so it was decided to manufacture a sportier version: under code M637 was created the Carrera Club Sport, a lightweight version of the standard Carrera 3.2. Lightening consists mainly of removing all unnecessary luxury features – those which are mentioned above and many others. The rear seats disappeared, the central locking, lighting of engine and trunk, rear wiper, radio, clipboard at the door, sunroof, air-conditioning, electric windows, radio, sun visor and other elements. Without making any fundamental changes Porsche (there are still carpets and comfortable factory seats) managed to reduce the weight of 70 kg!
Changes were also mechanical. Although the rear wheels are still spinning with power from the same six-cylinder 3.2 as the standard car, there are few modification. Let us mention, for example, lighter intake valves and a modified engine management, which increased the maximum rpm from 6520/min to 6840/min. Power goes to the wheels via G50 gearbox with a shorter running and longer fourth and fifth gear. There is a limited slip differential between the rear wheels and we can find Bilstein shock absorbers in all corners. There were also front and rear Sport Equipment spoilers.
A special feature is that Porsche did not state any extra performance. However, probably due to modified control unit, it has been found that engines in Club Sport models have output from 240 to 245 horsepower, which is about 9 to 14 more than the standard Carrera 3.2. Interesting fact that was not told the new owners. Reduced weight also signed momentum, accelerating to a 100 km/h takes 6.1 s and the car achieves a maximum speed of 245 km/h.
Most Club Sports were painted with Grand Prix White color, with the possibility of buying big red stickers Carrera CS on hips. That is also the case of our car. Alloy wheels Fuchs fits to the overall outfit.

This very rare 911 3.2L Clubsport, option code M637, first registered in April 1989, was delivered new in Germany as indicated by its maintenance book. Among other options, it is equipped with a 40% locking differential, a shorter shifter, and front and rear spoilers. Slightly lightened, its weight was reduced from 1.278 kg to 1.179 kg with a much more bare cabin, manual windows, a rear seat delete, a fiberglass floor, a manual heating control and seats with more wrap-around backs. The accompanying file traces the car history back to 1996 when the car was in France and includes numerous invoices and two expert reports. Its current owner, well respected in the Porsche community, acquired the car in 2006. He drove it around 20.000 kms and ensured its good maintenance. This 911 Clubsport now displays just over 151.000 kms on the odometer and is in a good general state of preservation. Its "Indian Red" finish fits the sporty philosophy of the model and it had been repainted in the past. The interior is fairly well preserved with no tears on the upholstery and carpets and headliner are in good shape. The car just received a general service by A.R. Sport Specialists in La Rochelle and is ready to hit the road. This 911 is particularly rare, as only 312 European left hand drive examples were produced between 1987 and 89. This exclusive 911 which prefigured the recipe that would be used for all future RS models, is to be collected urgently.





Production date05.04.1989
Body TypeCoupe
Engine3.164 ccm, 231 PS, flat-6
SteeringLeft Hand Drive
LayoutRear Wheel Drive
Color - exteriorIndian Red
Color - interiorGrey
Miles/Kilometers shown151.652 kms
Chassis / VINWP0ZZZ91ZKS102565
Location - CountryCzech Rep.
Location - CityPrague


2-door coupe body type; RWD (rear-wheel drive), manual 5-speed gearbox; gasoline (petrol) engine with displacement: 3164 cm3, advertised power: 170 kW / 228 hp / 231 PS (DIN), torque: 284 Nm; characteristic dimensions: outside length: 4291 mm, width: 1652 mm, wheelbase: 2272 mm; reference weights: base curb weight: 1160 kg; top speed: 248 km/h (154 mph) (declared by factory); accelerations: 0-60 mph 5.3 s, 0-100 km/h 5.6 s (declared by factory)

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May 11 2021

We have measured the paint thickness today, we will later add also the pictures with the results to the gallery. There is an original paint still on the roof and trunk (except the very front part): 0,1 to 0,2 mm, the rest of the car was repainted, but with measures between 0,3 to 0,5 mm.

April 28 2021

The pictures of the service book were added to the Gallery, the sticker confirms the original colour, the Club Sport option and all other factory options.

April 28 2021

Hello Seb, we have uploading more pictures into the gallery. The Certificate of Authenticity is not included, but can be asked at Porsche. We will ask the seller for the copies of services book, invoices and the paint measurements. The French documents are included, the car is currently unregistred. You can read about the owners history in the description above. Thank you for your interest.

April 27 2021

hello, could you give me photos of exterior and interior details in order to see the quality of the car (rims, tires, seats, doorways and hoods, instruments, dashboard, front trunk, underpinnings, engine seen from below .....) also have a Matching certificate? paint thickness readings? copies of the maintenance log? the invoices present? the car is registered in France? do you have its owner history? thank you in advance

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